It's fun to win. It's even more fun to win with guys you like and respect.

In my years of working with the Crimson Tide Sports Network, I've been fortunate to feel that way many times. We've had so many great young men and women come through the University of Alabama, and it's great to see them succeed at the highest level.

Derrick Henry certainly fits that bill.

You don't need me to tell you his story. By now, you've heard it many times over. I'm not going to pretend to really know Derrick beyond what I've learned throughout his time in Tuscaloosa, just like most of you.

However, what I do know, is that despite being a guy who doesn't care for the limelight or a microphone, he's never once turned me down when I've requested an interview. That may not seem like much to you, but in my profession, that alone brings a measure of respect.

By the time a game ends, these guys are worn out - even the ones who don't carry the football 46 times. So when the payer who does, still makes time for you, it's definitely appreciated.

My job is far from difficult, when compared to most. But it does require a certain level of cooperation from others in order to pull it off.

Derrick's performance makes him the guy every reporter needs to talk to. Even though he may not always have a lot to say, the fact that he takes the time say it, leaves an impression.

Most people will always remember Alabama's second Heisman Trophy winner because, with the game on the line, he refuses to stop.

I'll remember him because, when the games were over, he would stop for me.