Overnight Tuesday morning, Alabama star offensive tackle Cam Robinson and junior defensive back Hootie Jones were arrested for possession of a controlled substance, illegal possession of a firearm and possession of a stolen gun.

Tuscaloosa attorney and legal analyst for The Gary Harris Show Paul Patterson analyzed the possible legal scenarios that could happen to the two Crimson Tide players.

Patterson addressed a wide variety of issues in the case including what brought the officer involved in the arrest to the car occupied by Robinson and Jones, who owned the car and gun in the case and how the status of the two individuals as Alabama football players could affect the case.

Patterson laid out a hypothetical course of action he would take with Robinson and Jones if they walked into his office.

“If these gentleman (Robinson and Jones) walked in my office today, what we would do is I would begin researching the best criminal defense attorneys in that jurisdiction.”  Patterson said.

The Tuscaloosa attorney further emphasized the importance for the two Crimson Tide players to find quality legal representation.

“I would use all my resources to find out who are the most respected criminal defense attorneys, and we would narrow it down to a field of the best. We would go sit and meet with them.” Patterson said.

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