The Auburn QB situation is up in the air, and so is Alabama's. However, the Tigers' offensive production under Gus Malzahn directly correlates to the quality of quarterback play they get. Barton Simmons of 247 Sports joined Ryan Fowler to discuss their issues under center.

Malzahn has had a rough past couple of years in Auburn, going 6-10 in SEC play following their BCS National Championship Game appearance against the Florida State Seminoles. One reason for this sudden drop off in quality of play is the lack of production from the quarterback position.

"If they end up having an eight win season, then [Malzahn's] earned it. I think he really has earned it, to keep his job, I just think that will be a challenge."

It's incredible to think that just three seasons after coming mere seconds away from winning a national championship, some consider it a "challenge" to win eight games. Yes, winning eight games isn't terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but when a team comes that close to reaching the pinnacle of college football and then takes a steep decline, it's never a good thing for any program.

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