Callers have always been an integral part of The Game, and some of the most loyal callers to the show are Rusty from Montgomery and Biscuit Bruce. On Tuesday, the two called Ryan Fowler and wanted to talk some college football.

If you're an Alabama fan, you either hate or hate Rusty from Montgomery, but even he makes a few good points from time to time. Does he talk about his Auburn Tigers all the time? Nah, but as long as we're all talking college football, we'll let it slide for the time being.

Another long-time caller to The Game is Biscuit Bruce, and yes, it's always great to be on Tide 102.9 inside The Game with Ryan Fowler in Tuscaloosa Alabama. When the show needs a voice of reason, Biscuit will join in on the conversation to settle everyone down.

The two polar opposites were on The Game and while the conversations ranged from the Alabama/Auburn rivalry, to the alleged engagement of Alabama quarterback Blake Barnett, and everything in between. It's always a fun show when those two call in, but when they're on back-to-back? It's what we call "radio gold."

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