Discovery Channel Burns Pittsburgh Penguins
It started off as a simple tweet from the Discovery Channel, but things escalated quickly when the NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins' Twitter account decided to take a slap shot, and ended up getting a five minute penalty for the mistake.
Eddie Lacy Joins the Avengers in a New Commercial
The University of Alabama athletic program has sent representatives to the NFL, NBA, MLB... and now the Marvel Universe?
Check out former Tide running back and current Green Bay Packers star Eddie Lacy as he takes on the role of the Incredible Hulk in this new advertisement from Samsung Mobile leadin…
Take a Tour of the TIDE 99.1 Studio
If you've ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a radio station, well no need to wonder anymore. Our own Ryan "McMoney" McMunn takes you on an exclusive tour of the TIDE 99.1 studios.
Things I Like More Than Auburn
If you're on this website, chances are you aren't really that fond of Auburn. And that's completely fine by us. In the Twitter world, many Bama fans are expressing what they like better than Auburn, so we just wanted to share some of our favorite tweets.

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