It's been a hot topic of conversation over the past few months in the world of college football, and ever since Alabama head coach Nick Saban made comments concerning his thoughts on college football needing a commissioner, many have expressed their opinions on this matter.

The world of college football is ever-changing and ever-growing, and has become one of the most popular sports in the country. Given its size and popularity, it's no wonder that some, including Saban, have expressed an interest in college football getting a commissioner: a single entity making all rules uniform across the board and setting penalties consistent with each Power 5 conference team.

The potential for a college football commissioner has been a talking point on many radio shows, including on "The Game with Ryan Fowler" when Fowler spoke with Dennis Dodd from on Wednesday.

So what say the people? Should college football, specifically the Power 5 conferences, decide on an autonomous commissioner, or is the system fine now the way it is?