Alabama Men's Basketball head coach Avery Johnson has been making waves in the college basketball world since he was hired on April 5. One of those biggest waves has come in the form of getting the commitment of 11th overall high school prospect for the 2016 class in Terrance Ferguson.

If you aren't very familiar with college basketball, Rivals recruiting analyst Eric Bossi has been in the game since 1999, scouting high school talent for the next level, so he's seen quite a few good players throughout the years.

He joined Chris Stewart on Wednesday to discuss Alabama's newest commit in Ferguson, and Bossi had some high praise for the 6'6" shooting guard out of Dallas.

It's often cliché to say that a player is a "consistent shooter" or a "solid ball handler," but when someone like Bossi states that a player has one of the purest shooting strokes he's ever seen, it passes from the realm of cliché to the platform of fact-based opinion.

Ferguson, should his commitment stand with the Crimson Tide, won't be on campus until 2016, but if this is just the beginning of Avery Johnson's recruiting journey, there's no telling how quickly the Alabama basketball program could rise.

You can hear the entire interview from our podcast center.