Florida Gator head coach Jim McElwain joined Ryan Fowler on "The Game" to discuss the upcoming college football season, but he also chimed in on the hot topic of the offseason: satellite camps.

If there's been a football conversation that is as played out as Deflategate, it has to be the discussion on satellite camps in college football. A few days ago, it was ruled by the NCAA that schools aren't allowed to hold satellite camps more than 50 miles away from their campus. This, obviously, was in response to Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh flaunting his satellite camps all over the Southeast. However, now the United States Department of Justice has gotten involved in the issue, inquiring whether or not the NCAA is allowed to do this.

When McElwain joined Fowler, he was asked about his thoughts on satellite camps and their potential usefulness.

"We were prepared to go to a couple places, that we felt that we needed to, you know, should the rule have been kept the same... I really think it's something, to be honest with you, it's given people a bunch to talk about in a down sports time."

Some people are of the opinion that the government should not concern itself with sports while some believe the regulation is a necessary evil. You can hear Coach McElwain's full opinion on the matter below.