In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, iconic Tennessee women’s basketball coach Pat Summitt passed away at the age of 64.

Summitt won 1,098 games as the Tennessee head coach and brought home eight national titles, 16 SEC Tournament titles and 16 SEC regular season titles for the Lady Vols.

One of her fiercest coaching rivals during the 1990s, former Alabama women’s basketball coach Rick Moody appeared on The Gary Harris Show to pay his respects to the coaching legend.

Moody described how Summitt positively contributed to the growth of women’s basketball, her character and the challenge of coaching against her.

Moody never defeated Summitt during his 16 seasons in Tuscaloosa. He detailed why Alabama and the SEC had a lot of difficulty in beating Tennessee.

“You had an opportunity to beat her, you wanted to beat her. But, it got down to the bottom line and there was something about Tennessee that just seemed like when it would get to the bottom line, we just couldn’t get over the hump, and I think a lot of it had to do with Pat Summitt.” Moody said.

Moody pointed to exceptional talent and coaching as reasons that Tennessee dominated the SEC during Summitt’s tenure in Knoxville.

Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease cut short Summitt’s coaching career in 2012. Moody touched on how one of basketball’s toughest competitors could not beat the dreaded disease.

“If Pat Summitt could not defeat that dreadful disease (Alzheimer’s), it probably can’t be defeated by any mortal man.” Moody said.

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