Each Monday, Coach Pat Dye joins Ryan Fowler inside The Game to discuss the past weekend of college football and give his thoughts on Alabama football.

Nick Saban expressed his discontent with how his team played on Saturday against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers, saying that it was "Bad ball, it's bad football," and telling the media during his post game press conference that he was embarrassed that he didn't do a better job in preparing his team for the non-conference game. Fowler asked the former Auburn coach his thoughts on what Saban said, and Dye was behind him 100 percent.

"That's part of his job being upset when they don't play the way he wants them to play. Had he accepted it, it would be highly unusual."

During the game, however, Saban and offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin got into a shouting spat on the sideline after the offense turned the ball over late in the game (it was more Saban yelling and Kiffin taking it, but close enough). So what were Dye's thoughts on this interaction between the two coaches?

"I thought it was appropriate... Coach Bryant fired me five or six times on the sidelines... I can tell you right now, Saban doesn't want to lose Kiffin, not right now in the middle of the season... Coach Saban hired Kiffin for the job that he's done and the job that he's capable of doing, and he knows that better than anybody."

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