Alabama didn't impress anybody with their 37-10 win on Saturday - including their head coach. 

The quarterbacks and kickers have most Bama fans more concerned about this Ole Miss game at home than they were last year on the road.

Add to that, the general belief that the Rebels are better than they were a year ago, and you've got all the makings of serious nausea for many of those that love the Crimson Tide.

While there needs to be a healthy dose of respect, that doesn't mean Alabama doesn't still have a decided advantage playing this game at Bryant-Denny. The Tide's ground attack and defense gives them ample opportunity to win.

The kicking game (both punting and place-kicking), has the talent to be exceptional. Both JK Scott and Adam Griffith are obviously performing well below their capabilities, but much like a big-time shooter in basketball who only needs to see one shot go through the net to get on a roll - these two are likely one solid stroke away from being back in rhythm again.

As for the quarterbacks - whether it be Coker or Bateman - I don't think a great deal will be asked of them. This game falls on the shoulders of Derrick Henry and Kenyan Drake and their ability to get the job done on the ground.

Don't misunderstand me. Alabama will have to throw the football a little bit, but the Tide will make the Rebels prove they can stop Thunder and Lightning - repeatedly - before they put the game entirely in the hands of the passing game.

Saturday should be one of the best atmosphere's of the year inside Bryant-Denny Stadium.