Alabama offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Lane Kiffin tweeted out a photo earlier on Friday as he was driving through the state of Tennessee. As with the case with social media, it became viral and Alabama fans everywhere rejoiced.

It's well-known that many Tennessee fans were upset about Kiffin abruptly leaving their program after the 2009 season to go coach the USC Trojans, and when Alabama head coach Nick Saban decided to hire him as the offensive coordinator in 2013, many of those same upset Tennessee fans became even more upset and disgruntled towards him. On Friday, Kiffin was driving through the East Tennessee area and decided to tweet out a picture that may or may not have been trolling those same Tennessee fans (probably "may").

The hashtag #RTR16 just caps off the beauty and ingenuity of this tweet. Bravo Coach Kiffin. Bravo.

It also should be noted that it's been 3,471 days and counting since Tennessee beat Alabama on the gridiron. If there's only one person on this planet that would know this, it's gotta be Kiffin.

And, of course, if you travel to a location, you eventually have to return home.