Most of the attention during Alabama's bye week was supposed to be previewing the upcoming rematch with Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M. That might change a bit if Sports Illustrated senior writer Lars Anderson's upcoming story on the Crimson Tide is as big as he made it out to be on Twitter Sunday.


The biggest takeaway from these tweets would be that he seems to be alluding to something that would likely be neutral to negative. Why else would he ask Bama fans to tell him if it's not fair? There's going to be something that Bama fans will want to question and that's not usually the case with a sunshine-pumping article.

Alabama has been in the good graces of Sports Illustrated for quite some time. T.J. Yeldon was just featured on the cover of the college football preview issue, making it five straight Crimson Tide running backs to have the honor. Plus, Lars Anderson is an Adjunct Professor in the journalism department at The University of Alabama.

What are your thoughts on this? Do his tweets have you worried at all?