In lieu of the retirement of the Dos Equis Man earlier today, or as many of us know him, "The Most Interesting Man in the World," we've decided to honor the most interesting man in the football world: Alabama head football coach Nick Saban.

We don't have the technology, nor the resources, nor the ready availability to shoot a commercial with Saban in it, but what we can do is take the same approach as The Most Interesting Man in the World and apply the same incredible sayings to the best coach in college football.

He's gotten a reputation of being an ill-mannered person, but Nick Saban has a unique way of keeping people guessing. He'll go off on a rant at a press conference, then glance over at the reporter who asked him about the depth chart and give a "Did you like that?" wink. He's sly, he's clever, and above all, he knows exactly what he's doing.

So what makes him the Most Interesting Man in the College Football World?

For starters, he makes the College Football Playoffs rankings matter, even though they don't really matter.


When you think his team is dead and gone, he doesn't care what you think.


He only reads his own authorized biography: a book he'll write when he's done coaching football, although he'll never tire of coaching.


He makes the phrase "ran through our a** like s*** through a tin horn" an eloquent idiom of grace and beauty that should be used to describe future kings and royalty.


He is the Most Interesting Man in College Football.

He doesn't always win national championships, but when he does, it's pretty much expected.

Stay thirsty Tide friends.