Arkansas Razorback head coach Bret Bielema has been vocal about his opinions on the tough schedule that each team in the SEC has to play and the weaker schedule that the Buckeyes of Ohio State have to play in the B1G, but on Wednesday, Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan decided to make his opinion known about teams that have to play difficult schedules, and took a shot at the Razorback coach.

In his press conference on Wednesday, Ryan was asked about playing in the same division as Tom Brady and the Patriots and if it was fair or not, and Ryan answered it as any coach would. However, Ryan couldn't resist jabbing the ribs of the Arkansas head man, as Bielema has expressed his displeasure with Ohio State playing such a relatively weak schedule in the B1G Conference.

Going up against arguably the greatest quarterback in football history twice during the regular season, Ryan does have a right to be a little upset, but he knows it won't do his team any good. Bielema may need to take a few notes.