Richard Todd, legendary Tide quarterback during the early 1970's, was on with Ryan Fowler on Thursday to talk some Alabama football, but he also chimed in on the current quarterback competition here in Tuscaloosa.

When Todd came to the University of Alabama, he began starting during his sophomore year, but split snaps with Gary Rutledge. This quarterback situation wasn't rare in the 70's, but nowadays, it isn't how most coaches want to approach their respective quarterback competitions, most notably Alabama's Nick Saban.

"When I played in the 70's, we played three quarterbacks a game just about, or maybe more... Now it's totally different. It seems like with Coach Saban, you've got the starting quarterback, it's more like pro football. He's in there until he just really blows up and can't play that way or has a couple bad ball games."

There's an interesting quarterback competition for the 2016 season in Tuscaloosa, (a battle between David Cornwell, Cooper Bateman, Blake Barnett, and possibly freshman Jalen Hurts) and from his unique perspective, he gave his thoughts on how he thinks the current quarterbacks are doing.

"I'm sure these guys are just working their tails off, because being an Alabama quarterback is quite a feat these days. You're going to get a lot of press, and it's just a great team to be a quarterback of."

You can listen to the entire interview below.