Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin Reflects on His Tenure as Alabama’s OC [Audio]
On an early September afternoon in Atlanta, Alabama football not only debuted the successor to A.J. McCarron at quarterback but also a new offensive coordinator in Lane Kiffin.
Three years later, Kiffin returns to the head coaching ranks as he will make his Florida Atlantic debut September 1 against …
Cecil Hurt Shares Thoughts on Lane Kiffin Departure
The most popular topic all week hasn't been who is headed to Tampa but rather who isn't.
When The University of Alabama announced the news on Monday that offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin would be relieved of his duties just one week before the national championship game, it sent shock wave…
Kiffin: I Could Have Coached Title Game if I Wanted To
Lane Kiffin says he could have remained as Alabama's offensive coordinator through the national championship game if he had wanted to.
Kiffin told ESPN's Mike & Mike radio show Tuesday that "if I wanted to coach this game, I would have coached this game."

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