In honor of Veterans Day, we wanted to take some time to enjoy one of the most patriotic moments of a sporting event: the fly over.

While we don't see them as often, fly overs used to be a staple before big football games. Those planes flying over Bryant-Denny Stadium meant you were at a special place on a special day and it cranked up the energy for an afternoon (or evening) of SEC football.

Thanks to YouTube, many of these fly overs were captured and saved for us to enjoy years later. We spent some time watching - and rewatching - videos to find some of the best to take place before Alabama football games. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

  • 1

    2005 Alabama vs LSU

    There might not be a better fly over in the history of fly overs. This video doesn't do it justice, but the planes flew so low that the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport air tower received so many calls it took the phone of the hook. If you ask anyone that day, they'll probably tell you the plane looked like it was going to slam into the north endzone consstruction.

  • 2

    2010 Alabama vs Florida

    The night game fly over is pretty rare, but Alabama pulled one off before the 2010 game against Florida. This game would be Nick Saban's final meeting against Urban Meyer at Florida, and the Crimson Tide rolled to a 31-6 win.

  • 3

    2006 Iron Bowl

    Alabama don't really care to talk about the outcome of this game, but the flyover was pretty badass. Helicopters bring a slower approach and pass so there's more time to take it all in.

  • 4

    2011 Alabama vs Tennessee

    The game prior to 'The Game of the Century' in 2011 provided a picturesque backdrop for jets to pass over Bryant-Denny before a 37-6 victory.

  • 5

    Blue Angels Over Bryant-Denny

    This didn't actually take place before a game, but the Blue Angels made a pass over Bryant-Denny Stadium before the Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show in 2015. These incredible pilots gave the campus a show.

  • 6

    BONUS: Paracommandos fly in before 2014 Alabama vs Mississippi State

    It wasn't a flyover but a 'fly into' instead. These ParaCommandos parachuted into Bryant-Denny Stadium before #1 Mississippi State lost its first game of the the season to #5 Alabama. Good luck finding a better view of Alabama's home field than this.