A day when many NFL football prospects discover if they’ll become a professional football player is here.

NFL Draft analyst for drattek.com Kennedy Paynter shared his mock draft board for the 1st round on the Gary Harris Show.

Paynter believes Ryan Kelly as the 18th pick to the Indianapolis Colts will be the first player from the Alabama Crimson Tide drafted in the first round.

“That’s the first Bama guy right there. He’ll help on that line in more than just one position. He’s a great communicator. He can call the audibles. He can move guys around. I think that he’s just the smart guy that they need on that line to really stabilize the whole thing from one position.” Paynter said.

He also gave his opinion of versatile players on defense, and the role that versatility can play in the viability of NFL prospects.

“I love versatile players on defense and I think that’s where the defenses are going these days. I mean that’s why we have these hybrid safety/cornerback kind of guys and these hybrid linebacker/safeties.” Paynter said.

The 2016 NFL Draft begins tonight at 7 PM on ESPN, WatchESPN and the NFL Network.

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