Aaron Suttles of The Tuscaloosa News joined Chris Stewart to talk about the recent arrests of Alabama football players Cam Robinson and Laurence "Hootie" Jones.

Suttles explained that this behavior from one of the most experienced players on the team in Robinson is the most worrisome part of the situation, but he admitted that his ignorance of the entire happening may or may not explain some things. Robinson was set to be the starting left tackle, but more importantly, he was set to be one of the leaders on an offense that lost quite a bit of talent and leadership from last year's team.

"He's a two year starter, he's one of your leaders on offense. To put yourself in that position, to me, is the most troubling part... I don't know what it's like to grow up in Monroe, Louisiana, I don't know if they were worried for their safety. "

One rationalization for both Robinson and Jones that is floating around is that illicit drug use is just part of the college experience. Certain students may not participate in these activities at any point in their lives or academic careers, but it's still a reality that exists. Suttles furthered elaborated upon this reality, although not using it to excuse the actions of either student athlete.

"Some of your listeners may not like this: experimenting with marijuana is part of the college atmosphere, it's not just college football, it's a college student. It's when people are finding out who they are, and like it or not, drug experimentation is a part of that."

So college students smoking or possessing marijuana isn't shocking in the least bit (whether it's legal or not), but what makes this an eyebrow-raising situation to Suttles is the fact that Robinson and Jones were in possession of a stolen firearm while in a precarious location in the middle of the night, whether the gun was theirs or not.

"What shocks me is that they put themselves in a position at 2:30 in the morning in a closed park which is going to draw attention to yourself, with two guns in the car. I don't understand why you're going to go smoke marijuana, why you don't do it somewhere you have some privacy, and you're not putting yourself at risk to do so with guns in the car, one of which is stolen."

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