It's a question that has plagued college coaches since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa: how do you beat the Alabama Crimson Tide? Since winning his second national championship, and Alabama's 13th overall, Saban and the Tide have been as close to unbeatable as any college program could be.

Aaron Torres of FOX Sports wrote a column on Tuesday listing the only teams this college football season that are capable of beating the Crimson Tide. On Wednesday, he joined Ryan Fowler to discuss not only who can possibly beat Alabama, but how to beat the Tide as well.

"I think the best thing to start with is talent... Kentucky can have the most intricate game plan in the world... At the end of the day, I think talent is first and foremost. But when I was putting together the list, and I was really thinking about how these teams would match up and who would match up well, you know I think it's the obvious things. I think it's taking care of the football, I think it's having a good turnover margin... To me, it's little stuff like that."

Out of the nine teams that Torres selected to his list, one of those teams will face the Crimson Tide this Saturday. Arkansas has been a tough game for Alabama over the past two years, given their physical style of play under head coach Bret Bielema. But Torres isn't exactly confident with the Razorbacks' chances, but the potential is there for an upset.

"The Arkansas team I think by far of everyone on the list is the least likely. My only argument for Arkansas really is that historically, in general, the Razorbacks have played Nick Saban-coached teams well when the two teams play in Arkansas... When you put that Arkansas offensive line, which is generally pretty good, against this Alabama defensive and defensive front seven with all those stars across the board, I find it really hard to believe that Arkansas would have much success running the ball."

Others on the list include Clemson, Louisville, LSU, and the team to defeat the Crimson Tide in the inaugural College Football Playoff, Ohio State.

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