Alabama Coach Nick Saban is known for his commitment to his players and the crucial role he plays in ensuring the members of his team are successful athletes and students. Coach Saban is also committed to bettering the lives of children in Tuscaloosa and Alabama through his work with the Nick's Kids Foundation, and now Coach Saban is speaking out about his support of a bill aimed at preventing suicide in children and young adults.

Coach Saban introduced the Jason Flatt Act yesterday at a press conference in the Mal Moore Athletic Facility on the campus of the University of Alabama. If passed, the Jason Flatt Act would require all educators to complete a minimum of two hours of suicide awareness and prevention training in order to be licensed to teach in the state. This training would be vital in helping teachers recognize the signs of depression and suicidal ideation in students and ensuring these students get the help and support they need.

Saturday Down South reports that Coach Saban has been friends with Clark Flatt, the creator of the Jason Foundation, for more than 15 years.  The Jason Foundation is dedicated to preventing suicide in children and young adults through education and outreach programs for students, parents, educators, and law enforcement officers. Flatt began the Jason Foundation in 1997 after his 16-year-old son Jason Flatt died of suicide.

The Jason Flatt Act has already been passed in 16 states. You can read more about the Jason Flatt Act HERE.