If there was any doubt whether Alabama football would participate in satellite camps now that the ban has been lifted, Nick Saban confirmed that it would be happening soon. 

During an SEC teleconference on Thursday, coaches were asked about their plans for the summer now that satellite camps are allowed.

"We're still working on plans but we're going to really focus on continuing to get kids to come to our camps here," Saban said. "Our camps have always been about player development and doing a great job of teaching and have a great staff here."

Saban didn't address any specifics, but Samford University has already started promoting an upcoming 'Mega Prospect Camp' with Alabama's logo prominently featured on the flyer.

Saban made it clear that he didn't support the satellite camps because it creates a lot of challenges for college programs. Plus, he has always preferred his own camps on campus because he said it's gives the high school players a better opportunity to learn and develop skills.

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