Aliceville High School English Teacher, Mrs. Jon Raines Marlowe set up a Go Fund Me page to help bury 17-year old student Willie Davis who was killed in a car accident on February 26, 2016. 

Bo Black, Managing Editor for The Pickens County Herald, was moved by the story of the young man whose family was unable to pay for his burial. They were hoping to lay him to rest on Saturday, March 5th, but Willie's family was struggling to raise the money.

Black reported over 30,000 people were reached after the story was published on the newspaper's Facebook page. So far over $2100 of the $5300 has been raised*. 'I know his teacher and her intentions are good and pure,' Bo said of Mrs. Marlowe when he reached out for help making the community aware of the family's need.

Willie's family doesn't have the financial means to bury him. They lack even the necessary funding to prepare his body properly for burial, so Willie will remain at rest in the funeral home until the $5,300 needed for his funeral is raised.

Willie Davis' English teacher wrote on the Go Fund Me page she established in his honor, 'This would mean so much to his family, friends, and me, as his teacher searching for ways to help his precious Mom.  We appreciate any donations that can be made to assist us in this final act of service that we can do for our Willie. Please help me help his family.  As a mother myself, I cannot imagine facing this kind of tragedy.' 

Black was aggressive in making sure the teacher's cry for help was heard. Earlier that morning, he sent me a text and followed-up several hours later when he'd gotten no response. 'As individuals, we can only do so much, but collectively, great things can happen. I'm hopeful the family can find comfort and this will be a way people can honor the life of Willie Davis.'

If you would like to help Willie's family, donate here.

*UPDATE: Two-hours after Willie's story was published, $6,375 was raised!