Florida Atlantic introduced Lane Kiffin at its new head coach on Tuesday morning, one day after news broke that he'd be leaving Tuscaloosa.

ESPN's Chris Low was one of the reporters to break the story and he joined Ryan Fowler on The Game to discuss Kiffin's move on Monday afternoon.

"I think Lane was just ready to be a head coach again," Low said. "I don't think it's really a lot more complicated than that."

"Right now, where he is in his life and his career, he was ready to go take a shot and be a head coach again. And the only way you prove that you are ready, Ryan, is to go do it. I think the best way to do it is to go to a place like FAU that doesn't have all of the resources that the Ohio State's, Alabama's, and Texas's have."

Saban and Kiffin both confirmed that he'll stay through the College Football Playoff and continue running the Crimson Tide offense, but where does Alabama go next?

"Sarkisian is certainly a guy that you would include in that group. I there's a reason that Coach Saban brought him there and he will certainly be in that conversation. I don't think that he's necessarily the huge favorite or the leader in the clubhouse. We all know this about Nick Saban, he's going to look around and talk to people and consider all his options."

Low through out another name that would stir up some conversation both locally and nationally.

"I think the big question is does he take a look at Art Briles? That's a name that's there's going to be a lot of gnashing of the teeth, people are going to be saying that he's a guy you can't touch. I'll tell you this about Nick Saban, Nick Saban is pretty comfortable in his own skin. If he thinks someone is deserving of another chance or a second chance, we've already seen that he'll give his players and coaches second chances."

Low didn't think Briles would definitely be on Saban's radar, but he said he wouldn't rule it out. Ultimately, though, Saban will do what he feels is best for his program moving forward.

You can listen to the full conversation in the video above.