Alabama completed its huge comeback victory over the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday by a score of 48-43, and Cecil Hurt of The Tuscaloosa News joined Aaron Suttles in The Suttles Approach to talk about the game and give his thoughts on the performance from true freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts.

After trailing 24-3 in the second quarter, Alabama scored 24 points in a row of their own into the third quarter, bringing the game to an advantage for the Crimson Tide, 27-24, in no small part due to Hurts. After getting sacked and fumbling in the first quarter for an Ole Miss scoop and score, Hurts came back with a vengeance, throwing for 77 yards for the rest of the game but rushing for 116 yards from that point on, leading the Tide to a 48-43 win.

"He's very poised. I think that one of the real attributes, probably the first attribute I would list, that's not in any way to downplay his athletic ability, but what I think you come away with first with watching him play is a recognition of how poised he is. Got hit in the jaw on a play, gave up a fumble for a touchdown, came right back on the field and didn't have any problems with it."

Some considered Ole Miss as the second best team in the Southeastern Conference before this game, but there's no consensus past the opinion of Alabama being the best team in the conference. Some have brought up Texas A&M, some Tennessee, others say LSU and there's a case to be made for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but after Alabama's thrilling victory over the Rebels and how the rest of the conference played out this past weekend, who does Hurt think is the second best team in the SEC?

"It certainly could be LSU, they're a talented team. It'll be interesting to see them play at Auburn. It could be Ole Miss, anxiousto see them play against Georgia. I think the Tennessee/Florida game will be interesting, Florida is very good defensively. I'm not sure I'd put one of those as the number two."

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