Sure it's just practice, so mistakes are to be expected, but former Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron threw an interception on Monday at Cincinnati Bengals' practice. However, it took an amazing effort from the Bengal defensive player to pull it off.

Derron Smith, sixth round pick out of Fresno State University, made an amazing play to pick off the former All-American and Heisman Trophy finalist at Monday's practice. Smith is trying to find his way onto the final roster before the NFL season starts, and if he continues making plays like this, he'll most likely make the final cut.

From the offensive perspective though, this probably won't hurt McCarron at all, as he seems to be the solid back option up for current starter Andy Dalton. But if Dalton continues his below average play this season, don't be surprised if McCarron steps up and gets his opportunity to start.

Alabama fans have seen what he can do with an elite receiver like Amari Cooper, imagine what he could do with a talent like A.J. Green?