Cole Cubelic of 730 WUMP in Huntsville was on with Ryan Fowler to talk some Bama football and some of the important position battles going into spring practice and going into the season.

The number one position that we all are keeping an eye on is the quarterback position. Cubelic says that certain attributes will help decide the next starting quarterback in Tuscaloosa.

"You're going to have to find a guy that understands how to make those plays down the field with his arm, but I don't necessarily think that means right away you have to have somebody who can beat you with bootlegs, zone reads, quarterback powers, things like that."

Along with the questions about the quarterback position, another important battle for the Tide is who will fill in the gaps on the offensive line. Cubelic played at center for the Auburn Tigers from 1996-2000, and he made an important comment about how football teams are built.

"You can build teams from the inside-out, so with Reed and Robinson gone on the inside, Kelly gone on the inside... it's definitely a point of concern."

You can hear the entire interview below.