This might completely surprise you, but another national media member is trying to discredit the Alabama football program. 

The latest hot take came from FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd. During his radio show on Tuesday, the host voiced his displeasure with watching the Crimson Tide win another Heisman Trophy on the way to another College Football Playoff appearance.

"I find Alabama similar to Walmart," Cowherd said on his radio show Tuesday. "They're big. They're powerful. They squish mom and pops. They're really their own economy.

"But they're bland. They're vanilla. They use their employees to build their brand regardless of the employees well-being."

Cowherd's seemingly argued that Nick Saban has built a program that wins a lot and puts its players in a position that best benefits the organization. Somehow, this is a criticism.

"(Henry's) not the Heisman winner, he's the employee of the year," Cowherd said.

Despite having two Heisman Trophy winners in six years and three other finalists, Cowherd somehow claimed that the Alabama program was faceless.

"I just don't find this Alabama run joyful. I don't find it interesting."

Neither do a a lot of college football fans that have had to watch their team play second fiddle to the most dominant program of the past eight years. And just like Walmart, Alabama's place at the top doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon.

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