Travis Reier of sat in for Ryan Fowler inside "The Game" on Tuesday, and Colton Houston, coordinator of basketball operations for the University of Alabama, joined him to talk about the upcoming season for Avery Johnson's Crimson Tide squad.

Houston's main responsibility as the coordinator of basketball operations is looking at the team through numbers and analytics. Head coach Avery Johnson brought this approach with him to Tuscaloosa from his days in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and although its a much smaller operation than NBA teams have, it's still a critical role in game preparation and putting the best five players on the court at any given time.

"A lot of NBA programs might employ 15-20 people just to analyze the numbers, look at the data. We're a little bit of a smaller operation... we do a lot of looking at plus/minus, and that's really something Coach Johnson has brought to the program, because that's big in the NBA. And what that means is we look at individual players and also different combinations of players and how they do on the court in terms of positive point differential or negative."

You can listen to the entire interview below.