One of the main reasons that Alabama has had so much success on the offensive side of the ball over the past couple of seasons is due in no small part to offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. Some thought this was a stepping stone job for him to find another head coaching position, but it seems he has come into his own in Tuscaloosa, coordinating the top scoring offense in the SEC since his arrival.

When he took an Alabama roster, converted a back-up running back in Blake Sims into a quarterback, and set school passing records, people took notice. But when he took a quarterback in Jake Coker (who lost the competition to Sims in 2014) with the absence of Amari Cooper, and was able to win a national championship, that's when it really started to click that this guy might be an offensive genius.

"After what he [has done] the last two years, there may not be a more successful assistant college coach ever."

So with all this immediate success in Tuscaloosa, you'd think he would have gotten a ton of head coaching inquiries, right? Well, he may have gotten some calls and he may not have, but Dodd thinks he'll definitely get another head job, sooner or later.

"I don't think it's a question of whether he'll get hired to be a head coach again... It may be all he can get right now is a Group of 5 job. I'm not saying that's the case, I'm saying that might be the case. Will he go to a Fresno or a Boise State?... to get back in and become a head coach. He may need that [inaudible] job to improve himself, as a stable rock as a head coach before he gets to the big time again."

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