When Derrick Henry posed for a photo next two Eddie Lacy after this year's A-Day Game, it was clear that the Green Bay Packer had shed serious weight this offseason. Thanks to a recent interview by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, we now know how it happened.

Shortly after P90X creator Tony Horton told TMZ that he could help Lacy with his weight issue, TMZ helped put the two in contact and they ended up spending two months together in Wyoming.

During their time together, Horton said he focused on changing Lacy's lifestyle and his diet so that he didn't eat as many rich foods that you'd find in his hometown of New Orleans.

"We just wanted to have a good time, work really hard and eat clean and drink plenty of water," Horton told the Journal Sentinel. "I had him on some supplements that he had never done. He needed some Vitamin D supplements. We just kind of checked what he needed, and he was low on Vitamin D and fiber. He had never taken a supplement before ever. He’s a genetic freak. But he took it easy there the last year and a half. Just like anybody else, if you don’t pay attention and think you’re going to get by on pure genetics, it’s going to catch up to you."

ESPN documented a typical day in the life of Horton and Lacy, which included many of the workouts made famous by the P90X program but also basketball, boxing and snow-shoveling.

Lacy has reportedly lost close to 20 pounds since finishing last season weighing close to 240 and looks noticeably leaner at Green Bay OTA practices this month.