Change is upon us.

There is no doubt freshman Jalen Hurts has made an impact to Alabama's offense, mostly with his legs instead of his arm. Capitalizing on space given, Hurts not only scored 10 rushing touchdowns this season, but he also lead both Alabama and LSU in rushing yards: 114 on 20 carries.

Sports psychologist and creator of The MindSide, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, joined Martin Houston during "The Morning Blitz" and discussed the way Alabama fans should view the transition to a dual threat QB.

Dr. Bhrett McCabe thinks human nature plays a huge role for fans to conceptualize the offensive and defensive schemes and players seen now and compare them to the different kinds of schemes and players in the past. Instead of falling for this vice however, he believes it's better to appreciate what is being seen now and to learn from it.

"It's going to be funny though to come back and listen in five years to people comparing the way quarterbacks play to the way this young quarterback plays now, he'll be the standard."

Dr. Bhrett McCabe also addressed how some teams are able to maintain and control emotions, while other teams seem to be unable to handle the roller coaster.

"Discipline to a process and the believe in knowing that your process will put you in the position to help you win. It is the athletes that are the most disciplined, the way they have trained, that don't need the major swings because they are already training with the ideal that their training is at the elite level."

He believes Nick Saban coaches his players to train at that elite level where they can handle any level of adversity. Hurts bouncing back from a fumble and an early interception with enough composure to lead his team to a crucial conference win in the fourth quarter speaks volumes.

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