With five total national championships to his name, one would think that it is difficult to criticize Nick Saban and his coaching acumen. However, over the past few seasons, some have attempted to do just that. Adam Rittenberg of ESPN.com joined Ryan Fowler to discuss this and explain what there possibly could be to critique about the Alabama head coach.

Success breeds jealously, and with the recent success of the Alabama football program, one can find plenty of jealously around the college football world. Rittenberg was asked about the ones who critique the best coach in college football, and his answer was about as spot-on as one could get.

"Maybe some feel that they don't keep it enough about college football, and it's too much like the NFL, too much like an organization, too business-like. But the results are the results and nobody can argue with that around the sport."

Also, over the past few years, another program on the rise has been the Clemson Tigers. Coming off a national championship game appearance against the Crimson Tide this past season, Fowler asked Rittenberg about Alabama's business-like mentality, and Rittenberg mentioned how head coach Dabo Swinney has taken a different approach to success, a seemingly more fun and carefree approach.

"There is a decidedly different atmosphere there (Clemson), they really do make it about fun, you know the dancing in the locker room, the social media, Dabo giving guys Saturdays off in the spring to be college students. So it's a different approach, but it's also been successful."

It's always interesting to see how different coaches find their own ways of reaching success, whether it be by way of a more stern approach like Nick Saban or a more laid back approach from Dabo Swinney.

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