The new Star Wars movie has arrived in Tuscaloosa with fans dressing up for the special occasion!

Big lines wrapping around the building for a Midnight premiere of a big movie release is a thing of the past, at least for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Well organized crowd management with staggered set of show times was in place to help keep long lines from forming. That's great for the moviegoer, a bit of a bummer for me trying to see all of the people dressed in costume.

I did see a few and enjoyed talking with the people who wore them. Including, a few really cute kids.

There was one guy dressed in a black robe with a half face mask on. When asked who he was dressed up as, he said that it was character created on his own. Can I say, awesome?

Oh, a couple of ladies who went to the thrift store creating their look for the night. This includes the $6 lady! Yeah, her costume cost her a total of $6 to create. Just think of the many thousands of dollars she could save the big Hollywood studios if she was in charge of costumes!

Then, there were kids dressed up, which was an awesome sight. I grew up on Star Wars, I went to all of the movies, and had all of the toys. Now, there is a total new generation sharing that same passion, very cool.

What is that saying, save the best for last? That's exactly what happened! Okay, I'm getting close to leaving and up walks this group of people with this one guy wearing a sweater with blinking lights. What in the world is this? I get closer and it's an ugly Star Wars Christmas sweater. Oh wow! Right in the middle it's Yoda with flashing lights and Pez dispensers all around! The guy said he found it on eBay. Fantastic!

Below, check out the photo gallery from the Stars Wars: The Force Awakens movie premiere night here in Tuscaloosa... and may the Force be with you!