Former Alabama fullback Kevin Turner passed away after a six year battle with ALS.

Turner played at Alabama from 1988-1991 and in the NFL for eight seasons with the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

One of Turner’s teammates, Martin Houston appeared on the Gary Harris Show to pay tribute to Kevin Turner and to give his thoughts on Turner’s impact on Alabama football.

Houston reflected on how Turner mentored him as a back-up fullback before taking over the starting role in 1992.

“I owe so much of the football player I became at Alabama to him and not so much from the football, but the character side of Kevin Turner.” Houston said.

He later elaborated on how Turner reached out to him as a teammate, “The thing that always amazed me and that helped me when I became the starter was Kevin Turner reached down and helped Martin the freshman who didn’t know. (Turner) spent time coaching, teaching and helping, and everything he was pouring into me could have cost him his opportunity to play more, but he never saw it that way.”

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