A noted pattern in the rivalry between Alabama and Tennessee has been the streakiness of the series.

Alabama is presently enjoying a nine-game winning streak while Nick Saban has not lost to Tennessee since taking the reins at Alabama in 2007.

Prior to Saban’s arrival in Tuscaloosa, the Volunteers toppled the Crimson Tide in 10 of the previous 12 meetings.

During Tuesday’s edition of The Gary Harris Show, former Alabama linebacker Terrence Jones reflected on his memories from playing in the rivalry under former coach Mike Shula.

While Shula managed one win out of four attempts against Tennessee, Jones recalled the Crimson Tide’s epic win over the Volunteers in 2005 and how it sparked the team the rest of that season.

“That was like one of the best games of my career at Alabama that I got the chance to play in. Just to pull that victory off, that was definitely like a morale booster, a confidence booster. We knew then that we had something special in that 2005 season.” Jones said.

Jones revisited the feeling of knocking off Tennessee after losing to them the previous two seasons.

“That was sweet. It was actually nice to finally be on the winning side of the Tennessee rivalry.” Jones recalled.

Jones also mentioned his recollection of observing the cigar celebration as a child, what it was like to participate in the celebration as a player and a memento that he still has to this day.

“To get to experience the cigar celebration in the locker room that was something that I actually grew up watching from watching some former teams play when they actually beat Tennessee to see the celebration that happened in the locker room. For us to be able to partake in that same celebration, that was very memorable. I actually still have that same cigar on my shelf.” Jones said.

Concerning Saturday’s contest between top ranked Alabama and ninth ranked Tennessee, the former Alabama linebacker from 2003-2006 pinpointed the Crimson Tide’s ability to start out fast and maintain a lead as his keys to victory.

“Tennessee is a second half team. Most all their victories they had, they came back from large deficits and pulled it off. Hopefully Alabama is able to go in there, handle business , put the game away early and able to maintain that lead and bring the victory back to Tuscaloosa.” Jones said.

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