When it comes to Alabama football, the most discussed positions on the team are the head coach and the quarterback.

On Tuesday’s edition of Inside the Locker Room, former quarterback Scott Hunter relayed his experience of playing quarterback for coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and gave his insights on the current quarterback competition.

Hunter detailed how his experience as the quarterback was different from players at other positions under Bryant.

“I had a different experience from say the average linebacker or the average defensive lineman or offensive lineman where he might get down there kicking them in the butt on a hot long scrimmage. With quarterbacks, he was very much different. He wanted us to have the total respect of the team so he never yelled at quarterbacks. Quarterbacks were completely different.” Hunter said.

The Alabama signal caller from 1968-1970 elaborated on how Coach Bryant’s involvement with the quarterbacks in terms of game preparation.

“He wanted the quarterbacks in there totally involved and he wanted to know what you were thinking, how you were thinking and what you were going to do in certain situations.” Hunter said.

He recounted his performance in the 1969 Ole Miss game, playing with teammate and legendary Crimson Tide running back Johnny Musso and his career in the NFL.

At the end of his conversation with Wimp and Barry Sanderson, Scott Hunter offered his thoughts about the dynamics involved in a quarterback competition.

“The quarterback is a job unlike linebacker, or guard or wide receiver. You don’t win that job in spring training or in two-a-days in August. You win that job or you keep that job on the field during a game. That’s when a quarterback makes it happen and shows us who’s going to win.” Hunter said.

He relayed an answer Coach Bryant gave him during his Crimson Tide career about the biggest criteria in winning the starting quarterback position.

“Get the ball down the field and over the goal line.” Hunter said.

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