September 3, 2016 marked the collegiate debuts for redshirt freshman quarterback Blake Barnett and true freshman Jalen Hurts.

In the game against USC, Jalen Hurts produced four touchdowns (two rushing and two passing) while Blake Barnett added a touchdown pass in the second half.

Former Ole Miss, Florida State and Troy assistant coach Max Howell analyzed the performance of Jalen Hurts in a wide ranging conversation on Inside the Locker Room.

In a previous guest appearance on Inside the Locker Room, Howell provided his forecast relative to the chances of Hurts playing and starting as a true freshman.

Howell offered his perspective as to starting Jalen Hurts and his long term potential at Alabama.

“They got to start hurts. He’s still got a million miles to grow. They’re going to have to give him as many snaps as he’s got. He’s by far the best athlete, and that’s what we talked about all along with him. It appears he’s going to grow into probably one of the best quarterback that ever played there. He’s got the athletic ability, but you can’t do that subbing him out.” Howell said.

For this weekend’s contest against Western Kentucky, the Inside the Locker Room contributor thinks that Hurts will split time with another quarterback.

“I think they’re going to play him. I think they’ll play him a quarter and a half or so and they may stick somebody else in there at the end of the first half, and particularly the third of fourth quarter they may sub.” Howell said.

Howell commented on something from last week’s game against USC that tipped him off on the prospects of Hurts starting games this season.

“When I knew that he was going to be the quarterback and knowing Coach Saban and watching him through the years, normally when they put a kid in like that and he bobbles the first snap, loses a fumble, they don’t put him back in for a while. What did he do? The next series he comes right back on the field.” Howell said.

The former Ole Miss assistant coach offered two points that could aid the process of Hurts as the permanent starter.

“Two things they need, confidence for him and also the leadership thing for the team. I think they need to let everybody know that he is the quarterback. He’s going to be the quarterback, and he’s going to make things happen.” Howell said.

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