Each Wednesday this season (except for this week), Coach Stallings will be joining Ryan Fowler inside The Game as he did last season to talk some Bama football.

You can't discuss the 2016 Alabama football season without mentioning the quarterback situation. Some think Cooper Bateman will be the starter, some say true freshman Jalen Hurts, and the rest say redshirt freshman Blake Barnett will get the nod. Since the vast majority of people talking about this aren't football coaches, what does an actual football coach think of the situation in Tuscaloosa and the stresses that come along with an intense competition like the one Nick Saban and company face?

"It's stressful when you've got one and he's not good enough, that's when you have a little stress on you. [When you've] got two good ones, that's not a problem. If one of them can't perform, you put the other one in... We're looking for a quarterback that can get some results and I think they'll find that guy."

One thing that Coach Saban preaches is that he doesn't want his teams to become complacent, especially coming off a national championship season. Coach Stallings seconds this notion, but he also tried to get his teams to completely forget the past seasons and focus on the current season, no matter if they were coming off a championship or a bad season.

"Last year was last year, that belonged to the people that was on that team. This year is this year, and this belongs to the players that are on this team. Just because you were associated with the team that won the national championship... You've still got to earn your spurs, you've got to earn your position... I will assure you that Alabama's players will feel like they're somewhat of an underdog when they go to Dallas to play in that first game. Now they won't be, but they'll feel that way."

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