Legendary Tide linebacker Barry Krauss, who made the famous "Goal Line Stand" tackle against Penn State in the 1979 Sugar Bowl, joined Ryan Fowler earlier this week to discuss some Alabama football, but also to talk about the recent rule proposal for Ivy League schools to prevent full contact tackling in practices during the football season.

It's a topic that is dividing the masses of college football fans: how can we make the game safer while enjoying what we love about it? The Ivy League teams have passed a rule saying that the teams aren't allowed to practice full contact tackling in practice during the season. Ryan asked Krauss about this, and with his relationship with legendary coach "Bear" Bryant, asked him what Bryant would do if he was forced to do the same.

"He woulda retired, he woulda gotten out of football. That is football. It's a contact sport, I mean that's what it's about. It's being physical. And that's what fans love, they love big hits, they love great tackles, they love the contact."

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