As I write this, I'm sitting in traffic in the parking lot at Coleman Coliseum, after a men's basketball event. Haven't moved an inch in more than 10 minutes.

And I'm absolutely ecstatic about it!

Granted, I'm normally still inside the coliseum wrapping up post game radio, and don't even head outside to my car until at least an hour after the final buzzer sounds to end a game. Traffic after a basketball game is not something I'm used to experiencing.

Sadly, the main reason for that the past couple of seasons, had little to do with how much time it took me to leave the building. It was because there simply haven't been enough people interested in Alabama games to create a traffic issue.

Tonight wasn't a game, but it was definitely an event.

Several thousand fans turned out for the first Tide Tipoff under Avery Johnson. As I type, I haven't seen an exact total or an estimate from UA officials.

If you were looking for a ton of made threes, or jaw-dropping dunks, you probably were a little disappointed.

If you were looking to see energy and life pumped into the program, you had to be thrilled.

From his ability to grab the microphone and work the crowd into a frenzy, to his dance moves at center court that brought the house down, Avery Johnson made Alabama Basketball fun Tuesday night.

He preached the message of his program, and his vision, with the passion of an evangelist. If there'd been a Bama Basketball baptismal pool, I'm pretty sure we'd have had hundreds of converts during the invitation.

Look, we all know this is a business of wins and losses. That's what his success or failure will ultimately come down to.

But for now, while building his program toward one that can accomplish the goals he's preached, Coach Avery showed he's going to make the journey fun.

Tide fans want to believe in the future, and have a good time while they are getting there.

Tuesday night, it looked like they are buckled up and ready to go.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna buckle up and continue to sit in traffic.

And I don't mind a bit.


BONUS VIDEO: Avery Johnson and Kristy Curry talk after the Tide Tipoff event