Saturday's game may be the most important of the season for Alabama.

No, not LAST Saturday's game in Athens. I mean THIS Saturday's game in Tuscaloosa.

There's no doubt that the Tide's dominating win over Georgia was their best performance to date. It showed exactly what this team is capable of doing. It provided much-needed confidence to a number of players - most notably quarterback Jake Coker, and wideout Calvin Ridley.

But a single afternoon of success doesn't define a football team, anymore than the five turnover performance did against Ole Miss.

What this team does most consistently, will determine who they become.

That's why Saturday night is so important for Alabama. If they execute to the level we saw against Georgia, this team could be poised to once again challenge for championships.

If they revert back to what we saw three weeks ago, it could be a real struggle to get to November with an opportunity to win titles.