Last week the world lost Kevin Turner, former Tide fullback from 1987-1990, to his long battle with ALS. His college coach, Gene Stallings, joined Chris Stewart to remember him as a player and, more importantly, as a person.

Fullbacks were an important aspect in Stallings offense while at Alabama, and Turner was the prototypical fullback: big, strong, a great blocker, and he was even an exceptional receiver out of the backfield. But his talents on the field didn't match his talents as a man off the field.

"What a super human being he was... he was Hollywood handsome and just didn't know it... What a joy he was to coach. He asked no quarters, he gave no quarters. He was a tough player."

In 2010, Turner was diagnosed with ALS, or as it's more commonly known "Lou Gehrig's Disease," and since then his health had been deteriorating. But this decrease in health never affected his spirit, and Coach Stallings also mentioned that he never saw Turner without a smile on his face.

"He never complained, I mean I never heard him complain. And obviously he was in a lot of pain, you know when you can't move your limbs you need help and everything, there's a little reason in the room for complaining, but he never did."

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