You didn't think the back-and-forth between Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban would fizzle out, did you? 

The fourth installment of the satellite camp chronicles features the Michigan head coach. Days after describing Saban's comments at the SEC meetings as "amazing," Harbaugh doubled-down when asked what issue he had with what Saban said.

Here's his response.

Harbaugh didn't back down one inch.

"Somebody that has recently broken rules and has that in their history is lecturing us coaches, us other coaches, on potentially violating rules, and I thought it was hypocritical. I thought it was a hypocritical act," Harbaugh told reporters.

Keep in mind that Harbaugh doesn't have a clean record with the NCAA either. Sure, these violations last year were secondary but doesn't that make him a tad bit hypocritical as well?

Now all we need is a response from Saban on Friday and we will officially carried this Harbaugh-Saban 'feud' through an entire week. Don't hold your breath, though.

This budding rivalry could blossom into a full-on war if Alabama and Michigan could meet later this year. It might seem like a longshot, but both teams are favored to make the College Football Playoff in the latest Bovada odds. Now wouldn't that be a lot of fun?

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