Jimmy John's Is known for its Freaky Fast service right? Tomorrow from 11a-3p, Jimmy John's will also be known for $1 subs at participating locations nationwide! April 21st is Customer Appreciation Day to say “Thank You” for being a great customer and supporting the business!


Every awesome event has to have some fine print, Jimmy John's is one per person and in-shop only. No $1 sub deliveries. #1-6 & JJBLT.

I am a huge fan of the original Turkey Tom Sub (Turkey breast, lettuce, tomato & mayo.) If you haven't tried it Grab one for a dollar tomorrow.

With over 2,400 corporate and franchised locations in 43 states in the U.S, Jimmy John's serves freshly baked bread and uses only the freshest ingredients, slicing its meats, cheese and veggies fresh every day.

You're Welcome Jimmy John's!