Georgia's new head football coach is pulling double-duty this week as he continues preparing the Alabama defense for Thursday's Cotton Bowl.

The Bulldogs named Kirby Smart the head coach on December 6 but he announced his intention to finish out the season with the Crimson Tide before he fully transitioned to Athens.

Smart met with the media in Dallas ahead of the College Football Playoff semifinal and talked about balancing his two roles.

"Ultimately, when you're recruiting for Georgia, that's what you're doing," Smart said. "There was a period there, where I was on the road for a week, that Alabama was recruiting for Alabama. They weren't getting ready for Michigan State. So I was recruiting for Georgia.

"Then when you come off the road and you get back to Tuscaloosa, the focus is on Michigan State and preparing for that game. And that's what we've done since then."

Smart said the staff can't spend the entire day planning for the Cotton Bowl, which gives him some time to spend on his new team.

"You can't obviously prepare for a game 24 hours a day, so when I'm not doing that, I'm recruiting or trying to organize a staff for the University of Georgia."

Listen to Smart's entire media session at the Cotton Bowl on Monday.