Lane Kiffin is at it once again, and this time, he's directing his shade at Tennessee. Kiffin's Twitter account is a national treasure and it should be treated as such.

At midnight on Monday, a new recruiting regulation began its inception, allowing coaches to endorse and share recruits' social media posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social medium.

Well, Kiffin didn't tweet at any recruits about 12 hours after the marathon began, but he did tweet about all Tennessee high school recruits when he shared an article written on, discussing that many recruits are leaving the state of Tennessee.

It's not tweeting at any particular recruits (which is still against the rules), but his shade-throwing game is strong. This year's class of Tennessee high school football players is really good, led by 2017 recruits Cordarrian Richardson, Amari Rodgers, and Tee Higgins, . Richardson is one of the nation's top running recruits, while Rodgers and Higgins top the charts for receivers in the 2017 class. All three of these top players from Tennessee have committed to play for Dabo Swinney and the Clemson Tigers.

What makes this ironic is that there are no incoming freshmen nor any class of 2017 freshmen who are currently committed to Alabama who are from the state of Tennessee. And that makes Kiffin a master troll.

Don't expect his Twitter privileges to last much longer, but we all hope Nick Saban allows him to keep it.