Nick Baumgardner, Michigan beat reporter for, was on with Ryan Fowler to discuss the new ruling from the NCAA that satellite camps are now illegal in college football.

It's been a touchy topic over the past couple years, whether or not teams should be allowed to hold camps in distant locations, and with the lack of clarity on the subject, many teams, such as the University of Michigan under the tutelage of Jim Harbaugh, have set up shop in southern states to hold their satellite camps: basically, in the hopes of snagging a few more recruits from a fertile recruiting part of the country.

The Southeastern Conference and Atlantic Coast Conference are two of the conferences that has language within their conference rules that prevent their teams from holding satellite camps, so having the NCAA allow other conferences to hold them was not on equal playing grounds for each conference. But also, many thought that there wasn't anything the NCAA could do to reason or rationalize creating a rule to prevent all teams and conferences from doing so.

Baumgardner follows the beat for Michigan and the Big Ten, and he gave his thoughts on the ruling voted on by the NCAA.

"I don't think I'm surprised by it, and at the same time I don't really get it either. I don't think that the camps were really hurting anyone in particular, I don't know if they were that big of a deal."

Preventing teams from traveling where they'd like to travel and hold camps where they want to hold them seems slightly authoritarian and autocratic, but when has that ever stopped the NCAA?

You can hear the entire interview below.