They played on the gridiron this past November, but the heated in-state rivalry between the Michigan Wolverines and the Michigan State Spartans just took a turn into the world of taxidermy.

Judy Putnam of the Lansing State Journal first reported this conversation-driving piece on July 29 of this year, when she spoke with local taxidermist Nick Saade, who is known for his eccentric ways of producing art through taxidermy.

Saade is often a serious taxidermist, but he told Putnam that every once in a while he likes to do some cute things, and this is definitely one of those times.

He was able to find and stuff 22 chipmunks, fit miniature helmets on them, and set up a scaled-down football field, and recreated a scene straight from one of the best rivalries in college football: Michigan vs. Michigan State.

Of course, Saade doesn't kill animals for his artwork. Instead, he finds roadkill, trapped rodents and pests, and uses leftover hunting and fishing parts from others to create his stuffed scenes.